Couple Therapy vs. Marriage Counseling: Which is better?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Marriage counseling and couple’s therapy are two most widely suggested options for couples going through a hard time in their marital life. For most people, these two procedures may look the same but are quite different from each other. The reason for this confusion in marriage and couples counseling is that these terms are interchangeable. Both these services are available for couples who suffer hurdles and challenges in their relationships. Both these services require a session with an expert with academic experience in marriage and relationship issues in general. These two terms in this regard look the same, but there is a considerable difference between them.

If you consider book meaning for both, you will notice both these terms fall under different definitions. However, for the moment, let us consider the big debate of couple’s therapy vs. marriage counseling and get to know the difference between these two.

Before we go into details regarding the differences between couples therapy and marriage counseling, let us get to know each of them first.

What is Marriage Counseling?

According to relationship experts, marriage counseling deals with present events rather than experiences. Counselors provide guidance and pieces of advice to couples so they can come up with a solution based on their rational thinking. Local marriage counseling experts offer services to couples before their marriage and use techniques to give them guidance about how to enter a new relationship in a healthy way. Marriage counseling helps couples develop conflict resolution skills and the ability to understand the issues in a new relation and solve them accordingly. The techniques used in this service enable a couple to understand the meaning of marriage and tackle situations to prepare for married life.

Marriage counseling helps them cope with the challenges of their married life and to take family-related decisions. The counselor or expert acts as a guide to lead you towards the right way for you and your family. The most common reasons couples seek marriage counseling are because of constant arguments, financial matters, sexual issues, or divorce and, in some cases, for rekindling lost love or breach of trust.

What is Couple’s Therapy?

Couple’s therapy is for determining the root cause of an issue and suggest a solution accordingly. Couple’s treatment focuses on past traumas and experiences, tackles personal problems of both parties, and help them according to underlying behaviors in their relationship. Marriage and couple counseling experts try to find patterns by learning about conflicts and fights, along with other factors that make a relationship bitter.

Therapists attempt to find the reason of various emotions that lead to unhealthy habits of association. The therapy technique also helps in maintaining communication and conflict resolution between couples. Other reasons couples seek therapy are due to abusive behaviors (substance or otherwise), child conflicts, compatibility issues, blended families, and sexual problems. Couple’s therapy is for the short term depending on the situation of clients and the way they progress forward.

Couples Therapy vs. Marriage Counseling

As mentioned above, both these therapy terminologies may look the same, but they have a vast difference present between them. If you are having problems in the family or facing issues at home, both these services can help you establish communication and solve the issues you face. The big question is which one is right for you. Here we will give some points between these two, so you have a better understanding of which option to choose at which point.


The significance of marriage and couple counseling for those involved is undeniable. Marriage counseling relates to the couple while a couple’s therapy relates to not only the couple but also to families. Another significant difference is time; marriage counseling has a long-term aim starting from the beginning of the relationship until it lasts whereas couples therapy is short term and deals with immediate issue solving.

In this regard, the goals of both these services may be the same, like conflict resolution and finding solutions to issues. However, dealing with past and present events is what separates both services along with time duration for their solutions.

Reasons Couples Seek Counseling or Therapy

· The first reason couples seek these services from local marriage counseling experts is that there is a lack of communication between couples. Limited or no connection between couples is always a red flag that needs consideration. If you find yourself unable to communicate with your spouse or tend to hide things from him/her, having trouble in opening up or talking, then you need to seek such services from an expert

· Lack of communication leads to arguments and the inability to resolve them. Experts suggest to seek counseling or therapy based on the intensity of disputes or difficulty in resolving conflicts, then do not hesitate to contact any expert dealing in relationship issues

· Lack of sexual intimacy is a reason that stems from a bedroom to other areas in your life. Lack of intimacy or connection is a cause that produces dent in your married life. As such, becomes an integral part of marriage and couples counseling techniques. Lack of sexual intimacy is a subject that most couples hesitate to address, and that creates a strain in their relationship. Therapists try to identify the patterns that lead to sexual issues and let the couples fell a closeness once again

· Another reason is parenting issues in which both members are opposite from each other. If such behavior come into discussion, then there is no problem. However, the problem persists when couples struggle to agree on parenting methods, and try to impose their practice as superior. Such behavior not only creates tension between couples but also has adverse effects on the physical and mental health of children

· Another purpose of seeking therapy or counseling is when couples fail to see a future with each other. This happens due to the immature attitude of couples or a sense of withdrawal from responsibilities. Experts tend to create a sense of belonging between them and make them feel a responsibility towards each other

It is all About Timing

While couples seek local marriage counseling experts and ask them questions like whether their marriage will work or whether they can stay together, the answer to these questions is often complicated for therapists to answer. They opt for one thing that will work “time.” Experts suggest that couples give time and put their best efforts forward. Marriage counselors or therapists act as only a medium and suggest the best possible solutions. It is up to the couple to pay heed on their advice and dedicate time to improving their relationship. The effectiveness of a counselor or therapist is visible from the level of motivation and dedication to mend relations among couples.

Furthermore, it is best to choose marriage or couple counseling expert who has experience in working with couples to solve their issues and make them come closer. At Balanced Healing, we are dedicated to providing you with the best therapy that will re-establish communication between couples as well as solving various issues that create gaps in relationships. We are here to give you the best possible treatment and bring you closer to a healthy and happy marital life.

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