Basics of Life Coaching and its Benefits

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

About Life Coaching

Everybody in this world needs help in some way and especially when it comes to self-identification journey. Whether your goal is to be more self-aware, confident, or fulfill your passion, it can be very tough to figure out your quest. If you want to figure out how to move from identification to the point of achieving that goal, a life coach will prove useful in helping you reach that point of fulfillment. A life coach is an individual who can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and overcome any obstacles that make you hold back.

There are benefits of life coaching you receive when you consult a life coach and start to turn your life around. Whom you seek for consultation depends on your issues or the goal you want to achieve. The profession of life coaching is different from mentoring, counseling, or therapy. The primary area of impact for life coaching sessions is to address personal subjects like projects, business success, life scenarios, and transitions that happen in a person's life. It also affects various aspects of professional and relationships in combination with personal issues by examining the obstacles and challenges and planning a course of action to solve them.

How Does It Work?

A typical life-coaching format is as follows:

· Consultation before coaching

· The first session of 60 to 90 min duration

· Per week calls of duration 30 to 90 minutes depending on issue, program, and coach

· Check-in calls and email communication

The benefits of life coaching help create a relation between the coach and the client. Ultimately, the coach gives the power back to the client. Idea of life coaching lies in the fact that client knows answers to all their issues and challenges, even if those answers appear to be concealed or hidden.

A common misconception about life coaches is that they provide advice to their clients. Life coaching is all about identifying inner strengths, and a life coach helps you in that area. The purpose of a life coach is not to show wisdom, but rather channel one's inner wisdom and facilitate its actions and taking the next step. In simple words, a life coach is your partner in your life ventures where you have to do all the heavy lifting.

Are Life Coach and Therapist the Same?

Life coaches and therapists may look the same, but they have significant differences between them. A life coach helps you create a future based on your present while a therapist analyzes your past to handle issues in your present. Benefits of life coaching include a feeling of structure and accountability as compared to therapy that is more open-minded. Life coaching sessions are straightforward in which clients identify their goals and always have soothing to work on between sessions. In this way, it makes the job of life coach easier to track and manage progress. Therapy sessions, on the other hand, let the client decide which path they need to take and determined mainly about the present situation.

Another difference is that with a life coach, you will not get a diagnosis of any kind. In contrast, a therapist has gone through training and has the clinical experience to practice on a professional level.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Everybody has a purpose in life, and identifying that purpose becomes a passion for life. A life coach can help you channel your inner strengths and guide you towards the right path. The happiness you gain in life by fulfilling your purpose is the driving force that pushes you forward and gains momentum, and a life coach can help you in attaining just that. The benefits of life coaching in this aspect include:

· Life coaching gives you clarity in what you want to do, why you want to do, and how to do what you feel as passion. Sometimes you know what you want, and sometimes you do not understand what is holding you back. Life coaching helps us by setting our goals according to what we want to achieve and chalking an action plan to fulfill what we want in life

· Life coaching helps by filling the gap between our current state, and lead us to where we want to be in life. If you have always followed a uniform path in life, you will eventually reach a point where there will be no more progress. The life coach will help you take a different route and continue with your growth prospect. A coach helps you in ensuring that you remain committed towards your goals and remain motivated

· Another benefit of life coaching is that it has many tools and techniques to draw suitable strategies for moving forward. Through coaching, you will discover you have more ways and potential you initially thought you have and answer challenging questions to decide the right path. Once determining the pathway, the coach will help you remain fully immersed in your goal and deal with various obstacles along the way

· Everyone has some insecurity or hurdle present that puts a strain on his or her progress. Everyone has thoughts in their mind that tells them they cannot do a sure thing, or they do not have what it takes to become what they want. Such views are termed as limiting beliefs that stop us from moving forward and grab an opportunity. These thoughts buildup overtime during our childhood, in school, or our social circle and remain in our mind for no particular reason. These limiting beliefs create low confidence and insecurities that we need to overcome. Life coaches help us overcome such obstacles and rise above our insecurities. Once we uncover our true selves, we become more confident and ready to tackle life challenges. Life coaching gives us strength and provides techniques to change our thoughts into positive and start moving forward

· Life coaching helps us in evaluating all options available and pick the ones that best suit our potential achievements. The benefit of life coaching is that it opens doors to various tools and techniques that we can use for our advantage and create an action plan accordingly. We will be able to reach a higher level and balance our life by having knowledge about such tools and techniques

·Life coaching gives us a chance to evaluate our time, motivation, and support and implementing them for our life goal. Life coach gives you time, motivates you, and celebrates success with you. They are interested only in your success and support you in any way they see possible

· The final and most important benefit of life coaching is that it acts as a self-investment for your growth and prosperity. This investment will benefit you your whole life and equip you with tools that you can use repeatedly

Final Word

Life coaching is a way to channel your inner self and start moving forward in life to the point of intention. Whenever you feel like your life may experience disruption and you have nowhere to start, a life coach will help you gather those missing pieces and turn your life around. Many people prefer life coaching alongside therapy to reap the benefits of both motivation and healing aspects. The vital thing to keep in mind is that life coaching and therapy should remain separate from each other as they both have different elements and areas of influence.

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