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Graduate school application making you crazy?

You’re not alone. And, I can help.

We all have a path that calls to us, from deep within our souls. We all have a dream that we long to carry out in the world. Through working together, I can help you manifest that dream, live your soul’s calling. 

There is a truth that most employers (and potential clients) get heart eyes and want to hire you if you have some kind of advanced degree or certification.

That is the system currently at work.

So, how do we make that system work FOR you?


First, we explore.

I have spent many years in the role of spiritual life coach and therapist. You and I will explore your deepest desires, what life is calling you to be.


Second, we find it.

Then, we find the exact graduate program that will increase your naturally aligned knowledge, and help you birth that knowledge (and yourself) more solidly into the world.


Third, we apply.

I will support you to communicate your distinct essence in a way graduate admissions committees can receive it best. I will support you to fulfill all application requirements & prepare for the interview in a way helps the process feel challenging in an inspiring way (instead of an awful way).


Then, you get in!

I have supported countless people connect so fully to themselves, and I have taught them how to express that to graduate admissions committees in a way that secures their spot in their chosen program. Then, they go on to live their callings.

Services & Pricing

$110 Per Hour

Transformative coaching sessions laser-focused on practices that will allow to connect to your calling so it emerges from the depths of your being.

$75 Per Hour

Coaching that supports you to infuse your distinct essence into your writing (application essays & personal statements). This includes editing your writing to *near* perfection. This may also include interview preparation.

$50 Per Hour

Advising and informational assistance on discovering the unique program that will best fit you.


Grad school is a tool to support you, one tool that you can use to create the life you want to live. A tool you may use to help you feel solid in your knowledge and expertise. If this is your goal, I can help get you there.


In my years of working in and around graduate school admissions, I have learned that graduate schools see you as an investment. They want to see that you will not only contribute back to their school and program, but that you have an idea of how you will use this degree to contribute to the world. 


A huge part of getting that ‘yes’, that admission letter, is your personal statement or essay.

The essay is the only part of the admissions process that allows your voice to be heard. I can help you to create a personal statement that is a direct reflection of your unique essence and contribution.

What are my skills?

Using what I’ve learned through my own journey plus thousands of hours of transformative coaching, therapy, and academic advising, I will help you connect to your highest guidance within, and then structure your life so you may live your calling everyday, through your career.


Evidence that my experience will serve you:

  • I have gotten myself into a master’s and doctorate program, along with many jobs

  • In my role as the supervisor of a psychosocial rehabilitation program, I assisted many supervisees in securing graduate school positions and assistantships (money).

  • In my life, whenever anyone wants to get into grad school, they come to me.

  • From 2012 to 2018, I  worked as a professor and a researcher. In those roles, I had over 100 undergraduate assistants who I’ve mentored along the graduate school application process, all with positive results.

  • I have served as an undergraduate advisor, helping countless students apply to and get into the graduate school of their dreams.


What’s next?

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