Breakup Recovery Coaching

Almost every single one of my clients has come to me through some kind of breakup. 

It is clear that breakups are initiation points in our lives. Moments of great opportunity to transform, if only you allow them.

I have gathered those lessons that have been most powerful and life-changing, discovered through my own healing journey, plus witnessing what has worked best through my 1000+ hours coaching with my clients. 

These I now offer, with love, to you.


What the journey will look like:
The Breakup Recovery journey has 2 main components: (1) group learning & coaching, and (2) individual coaching with me.

(1) Group coaching 

Our group calls will be the place where we come together as a community of seekers to heal through our shared experience. These Zoom (video chat) meetings will occur once every other week, for 2 hours. 

 Our group sessions will begin with a love lessons. We will breathe these lessons in, note our reactions, and discuss. In the spirit of creating deep transformation and connection, the rest of our group time will hold space for sharing and activities to enhance your wisdom absorption. 

Within this container of safety, we will develop deep trust, connection, belonging, and a community of people that will help lift you up when you need it most. The connections you create through vulnerably sharing your pain and your triumphs will become those yummy kinds of friends - the ones who ask you how you’re doing and actually want to hear your answer. 

Our program will ask that you find a soul-buddy to deepen your growth work with and support you between group calls.

In the time between our sessions, you will be provided with opportunities for reflection. These prompts and buddy work are designed to help you learn what may be keeping you stuck as well as what you can do to fully create a life of joy, grace, and ease.

 I ask that you let this wash over you, and honor that tingling in your heart that is nudging you to reach out.

(2) Individual coaching

 This healing journey includes 5 hour-long individual transformative coaching sessions with me, ideally scheduled for the weeks we are not engaging in group. These 1-on-1 sessions will serve to be a safe, nurturing and empowering space for you to get to know yourself, move through your fears and self-limiting belief stories, and connect deeply with your inherent value. 

*You are invited to continue coaching with me after the conclusion of these 5 sessions, which we can discuss at any point.

You landed here for a reason. I see you. I honor you. I welcome you.


“Leaving behind nights of terror and fear

I rise

Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear

I rise”

Dr. Maya Angelou

Breakup Recovery Course Modules

1. Figuring yourself out.

All of our behavior is, in part, conditioned. If you’re not feeling able to let go of this person and move on, there’s a reason for that. Together, we’ll figure out exactly what it is. And then, you will be free of it.

2. Feel the feelings.

Pain hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary. Normally, we put a lot of energy into running or hiding from it. I know. And, nothing ever goes away until it is fully felt. But you don’t have to do it alone.

3. How to find joy and lasting love.

You have everything you need inside you. It is not out there, in someone else. In our work together, I will show you how to access endless joy and love.

4. Derive meaning from your suffering.

This will transform you, if you let it. Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor, posits that lack of meaning in life is the chief source of stress as well as anxiety. Finding the purpose in our suffering brings peace, and possibly even an appreciation for the pain itself.

5. Create something meaningful.

Learn how to put your energy into yourself and create something. Use this experience to mold you and initiate a mark you will leave on this world. Grief can give birth to creativity, if we channel it.

6. Connect. Develop deep, lasting friendships.

You are not alone. There are others going through and feeling exactly what you’re feeling, right in this moment. Sharing our most vulnerable moments with a safe group is one of the most healing experiences.

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