Mentorship for Mental Health Professionals

There’s a reason you're striving to become an exceptional counselor.

 You truly care...

Feel like an imposter sometimes?
Are you struggling to feel confident in your work as a mental health professional?

Do you crave being powerful and impactful in your clients’ lives?
Do you yearn to become fully self-assured?

There’s a reason you became a counselor. You really care. But there’s a difference between genuine care and being truly impactful.

Let me help you transform that care into genuinely powerful work, and feel confident while you’re doing it.

I hear so many clients say, “I saw this counselor and it wasn’t super helpful.” Or, “I didn’t really feel understood.” Or, “They listened but didn’t do anything for me.”

I feel so frustrated when I hear this because I desperately want counselors to feel confident, and actually be powerfully impactful in their sessions. And I know how simple it is to actually get there.

When I began counseling I felt like an imposter. My degree gave me letters behind my name and filled me with theory, but I felt totally insecure and lost with how to actually help my clients in sessions.

“I was fumbling around in the dark, hoping no one would “find me out,” really caring about my clients, but not knowing how exactly to help them.”

So, I signed up for more certifications, trainings and programs. But I still felt like I was fumbling around in the dark, hoping no one would “find me out,” really caring about my clients, but not knowing how exactly to help them. It was a horrible feeling.


Through much trial and error, I realized I needed practical, hands-on guidance about what exactly to do in each session (without the pressure of needing to look good to a mentor), and to build trust with, and belief in, myself. And as more time went by, I became more sincere about my own work toward personal transformation. *I found that the more I gave to my own healing, the more capable I felt of helping my clients with similar issues.

What we need is confidence + practical session tools.

I help you with the inner and outer work.

I realized that what school doesn’t give us is confidence. It also doesn’t give us pressure-free, hands-on guidance that shows us exactly how to practically help clients, and how necessary this is to translate all that theory into real useful help.

Build your confidence.

Learn and engage in practices that solidify your belief in yourself. Build your self-confidence so that you never truly feel like an imposter again.

Practice with powerful tools.

Learn the tools I’ve found to be most transformative for clients during my 8 years serving as a mental health professional. Solidify your approach so that you know what you’re doing at every turn with your clients.

Rest in conscious community.

Share your successes, and your learning opportunities (read: failures) with like-minded, growth-oriented people. Come to the sanctuary we create, not to be evaluated, but to held and lovingly challenged.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

The truth is, you can be so much better.

You can be doing much more transformational work. But you don’t have to expend much effort to get there. With ease, you can pick up the mantle of your dharma in this life, and find that you wear it well.


Your gifts are unique, and important. All you need is some support and gentle guidance in order to channel these gifts into their fullest expression.

Community Meeting Dates 2020

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Pay Weekly

$60 per week, for 6 weeks

Pay in full

$300, one time payment

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